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  • When looking for quality computer and laptop services in Tauranga you want to make sure that you are dealing with the right people who can find answers to your technical problems.  We hear you. This is why Click IT always take comprehensive approach in our computer and laptop services. We do not only thrive to offer you the best service rates but we want to make sure you are getting the service value you are looking for. Our computer and laptop services go above and beyond – we only use the right tools and applications to provide you an effective solution based on your needs. Yes, we treat your computers and laptops like our own. Along with quality repair, our services can help work on your budget – we match and even beat prices offered by other computer services and repairs around. Whether you need immediate service at home or on the outskirts, we can provide fast and reliable computer and laptop technicians for you. So if you are looking for computer specialists in Tauranga, we are the people to count on! Our computer experts who have wealth of experience are ready to help. At Click IT, you are guaranteed with only quality computer and laptop service at best rates.


    In our highly computerized world there is nothing more frustrating than having a device malfunction or one which is underperforming. The broad spectrum of computer services offered at Click IT is designed to provide computer solutions for different types of situations including businesses of varying sizes, the home office or for personal use. Click IT provides services including: 

    • Computer Repairs and Sales Laptop Repair and Sales
    • Virus Removal
    • Data Recovery
    • On-site Services.
    • Mac Repair

    There are many common problems that computer users may face. Some of the most common computer repairs technicians perform for consumers include:

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    • Overheating
    • Power Supply or Failure to Start
    • Rashed Hard Drive/Computer Locks Up Loss of Data/Data Recovery Virus, Spyware and Trojan Removal Internet Security Wireless Router Setup. Our experienced technicians can troubleshoot computer problems and make accurate diagnosis. They can then provide workable solutions. They may also provide consult for making computer related purchases whether consumers are looking to upgrade or purchase new computer equipment.