• Testimonials

  • My son's computer had become too small to handle Windows 10 and all the other required software and web browsing required for his school work and Youtubing etc and James helped with the selection of a 2nd hand new unit which was both powerful enough, future-proofed and reasonably priced. In addition, he upgraded my unit, which now handles my requirements relatively quickly and efficiently. Jame's communication and service were excellent too, and he was also quite flexible. Happy to recommend to anyone else.

    Kevin G.

  • Excellent job done I'm very happy with the service and the price

    Jen R.

  • Excellent Service, and On time turning up

    Barbara S.

  • As an outsourced accountancy firm, we understand the importance of focusing on core competencies. So, when it came to our computer system, we were more than willing to find a qualified company to handle it for us. Since we didn't have the need for a full-time person, Click IT was a perfect fit. They reduce so much of the administrative headache of running a business because they fix problems quickly and efficiently and maintain our network so that we have fewer issues. The peace of mind we have as a result of their work is something I would recommend to anyone!

    A Chandra

  • I had my broken laptop screen replaced by Click IT. The service was very prompt and completed within the afternoon. The screen I got was second hand, and I found that it initially showed faint grey lines across the desktop page. However when I mentioned this to the guy from click IT he was very helpful in my inquiries and had it replaced with a lovely clear screen within the day, and dropped my laptop off to me at no extra charge. Was very happy with the prompt and personalized service I received from Click IT, and would definitely recommend them for all computer services.

    Jessica-Clare Davis

  • James is very friendly and promptly found a solution for my computer troubles. Will definitely look for him if I have tech problems in the future.

    Rodo Garcia

  • Excellent services!...very accomodating👍👍

    Jake Biray

  • I had a great experience with Computer Repair. The service was fast, effective and professional. Being a luddite I would have liked a little more explanation of what was wrong with my computer, but apart from that it was great!

    Rating: Donna Rager

  • With Click IT software, the feeling is that we can do anything

    General Manager, GAK

  • I am very pleased with the website that Click IT has designed. This turned out to be a great arrangement. Click IT listened to what I wanted, gave me ideas, and put together a very well designed site which was unique and professional. Communication was very easy and prompt. I will continue to use this company in the future. ”

    Rating: Constance C. Bennett

  • Speedy and effective service that collects and delivers straight to your door. Very useful for the working man! Much cheaper than buying a new laptop!

    Rating: Thomas B.

  • We have our own IT department, but we felt that we needed a company to assist us with installations and other areas that we don't necessarily have background or experience in. We chose Click IT because they work with other engineering and architectural firms and are familiar with the types of programs we use in our business. They have been a big help to us by troubleshooting and working on server-related issues that we don't have the time or expertise to do, and have found the staff to be very friendly and easy to work with.

    PMP Limited

  • Click IT is an incredible and savvy all in one tech company. From day one they handled our company project with complete care and concern. They walked us through the entire project and followed our every wish and desire. Click IT will always be a part of whatever we decide to create. Their ability to be creative and also consider our competitors ways makes them a second to none company. We encourage any company, to use the services of Click IT. Thank you Click IT and we look forward to using your services in the near future.

    Rating: Andrew V.

  • The service was excellent and extremely good value for money. I thought that my laptop was pretty much beyond repair, but it came back better than ever. (Plus cleaner than it was when I got it!) Everyone I spoke to or emailed during the short time it was being repaired was helpful and professional. I would definitely use this service again, or recommend it to others. Thanks very much.

    Rating: Tim