Interestingly enough, when looking beyond stability of the OS and updates, one must also consider hardware specifications.  The newer HTC10 seems to have taken it’s customers by awe with some remarkable specs, including one of the highest bench marking specifications, with even higher fps rendering that rival OS maker Apple iPhone 6S.  Although battery life is average at 6.5 hours per charge, it does have the a remarkable multi-core processor that outperforms Apple products by 30%, and most other vendors by at least 10-40% faster speed.  In fact, the ONLY processor faster is the latest Galaxy S7 with a 15% CPU spike over the HTC… but at half the price, it’s a no brainer.

Interestingly enough, the latest iPhone 6S series lags behind most specifications of even the older Galaxy S6 but is twice the beast than the Nexus 5X…  so it begs one to ask, WHICH DEVICE IS THE BEST ONE FOR ME???

If you want expandability, speed, a price point that is better than most other devices, but no real customization features like the Moto Z offers, then the HTC 10 is a wise option.  Then again, if you’re the type that likes to go to the beach a lot, take video and pictures and need something that’ll support your extra curricular activities, the Sony Xperia X Performance is a must have… with a remarkable 23 MP camera and one of the best front-facing 13 MP camera you know you’ll be able to capture those memorable moments like no other device out there.

No matter what your needs are, rest assured there exists a device to make your hands melt with happiness.