• Cloud Services


    Get Rid of Servers and Big Hardware Costs!

    One of the best ways you can take advantage of cloud computing is migrating your email to Microsoft Office 365. It eliminates the need for you to buy onsite servers and allows you to seamlessly access your email, calendar and contacts from anywhere.

    When setup well, Office 365 leads to fewer IT problems, easier ability to work remotely and reduced IT risk. Here are some of the other reasons we are recommending our clients install Office 365:

    • Enterprise-grade hosted email service that rarely (if ever) goes down.
    • No need to worry about or pay for backups.
    • Includes Microsoft Office licensing to get everyone on the same version.
    • Email, calendar and contacts data syncs flawlessly between computers, smartphones and tablets.
    • Pricing at a scalable per user fee.
    • Includes other great productivity software like Lync, SharePoint, SkyDrive

    However, it is not easy to migrate from your existing email to Office 365. It’s important to ensure it is done right so it works properly, you don’t lose any data or have downtime.

     Other Cloud Solutions

    There are other options for cloud computing beyond Office 365 as well. Cloud computing is any IT services that are hosted offsite from your office, usually on advanced and more powerful equipment that has a faster internet connection than in your office.

    Applications in the Cloud usually run faster, are more reliable and have fewer technical problems.

    Here are some other options of what you can put in the Cloud:

    • Line of Business Application Hosting – move your critical business applications onto high-powered IT infrastructure.
    • Virtual Desktops – get rid of your computers and never have to worry about replacing them ever again.
    • Web and Database Applications – some organizations have custom-built applications that are more suited to be hosted offsite instead of at your office.

    Regardless of where you host your IT infrastructure, you need to have a strong IT partner to manage it and one phone number to call for support. This is part of the value we bring to our clients.